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Max Naukam

Student studying youth ministry



“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6





Throughout the Independent Study and Mentorship Program I aspire to develop personal skills that I can apply to the real world such as communication, problem solving, and professionalism. My mission is to get as much out of ISM as possible so that I am better equipped for what is ahead in the real world.

Hi My Name is Max Naukam and I am a junior at FHS.I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, whether its football games, pickup basketball, or cooking with my sisters. I am involved in my schools varsity cross country team, a leader of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), a member of student council, and lastly NHS. These involvements are extremely important to me however, making a difference is much more valuable to me. Therefore, I am studying Youth Ministry for ISM to make a difference in my community.


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Master's Degree


Bachelor's Degree



High School Diploma


The ISM (Independent Study and Mentorship) program allows for students to build necessary real world skills not taught in the typical classroom. These skills include conducting interviews, writing professional emails, going on mentor visits, dressing professionally and much more. ISM is the perfect opportunity to better prepare oneself for the future ahead. The Independent Study and Mentorship program is a challenge unlike anything a student will face during their high school years. 






Two assessments in one week? Crazy talk! But that is ISM for you. I finished one of the assessments on wednesday expecting to do my second one over my interview on friday. However the person I was planning to interview had a last minute schedule change and I was unable to do it. So I still had a assessment to do with about 7 hours to do it. I quickly and efficiently completed another research assessment so that I could still have my friday night plans. ISM is extremely important but a good balance is just as important. I know it is cliche but fun is just as important as work in my world. I want to not let the stresses of my junior year get the best of me and ruin fun, stress free experiences. I was still able to go to the football game but that is besides the point. Next for this upcoming week I have two interviews. I am ready for them and cannot wait to gain more knowledge through other professionals. My procrastination is slowly creeping on me so going forward I want to change that script. I want to be focused, driven, and overall just a more professional student in upcoming weeks.



The Second Interview

My Second Interview was last week with Paul Fritzsching. He works at the summer camp I attend: Sky Ranch. Paul taught me great things about what he does and it further helped me realize that I was interested in his job. Paul is a great person and I am very thankful for the opportunity to talk to him. Next I did have a minor slip up. I totally forgot to submit my peer reviews and turned them in late. In moments like these you have to look at yourself and regroup your organization. I will continue to work on this so that I will be ready for what comes ahead. A minor setback for a major comeback if you will. Lastly this week I want to get my last interview completed. Then, I can select my mentor and be on my way to success in this course. Overall I am thankful for this experience to grow and learn more about myself and others. Going forward I want to continue to work hard to get to where I want. I have done a decent amount of work on my original work, and feel comfortable with it. I am ready for what comes ahead, and cannot wait.



The Bulldozer!

Coach Goffs’ famous words: “don’t get bulldozed”. She first mentioned this in regard to our original work. We are required to have 15 hours logged for it and at the end of this week we were required to have 10. For me this meant a lot of work this weekend to avoid the bulldozer. I successfully worked on the original work to meet my requirement and now hopefully I will make it another week without getting bulldozed by Coach Goff. This successful avoidance will allow me to breath and rest until the next progress check. Additionally I have been in contact with several professionals however I still have yet to set up a interview with anyone at the moment. I need to get that third one set up so I can complete my three interview mark. I wrote my research assessment over the book of revelation. Overall, I gained good information reading scripture in revelation and writing my assessment over a article about it. The ability this class gives you to learn more on your own about things YOU are interested in is amazing. Through these assessments (although time consuming) I have been able to gain valuable insight over things I want to know more about. Overall, a great week not getting bulldozed!



Speech Speech Speech!

My first speech! Well first main speech, and it went great. I felt as though my introduction and conclusion kept people engaged. I was really happy with my audience engagement and my overall delivery of the speech. But, what I was really the most happy about was the fact that I completed all of this in about 2 hours the night before. One of my classmates caught me off guard leaving class on thursday asking to switch class periods for the speech. She would have not been able to make it to her monday date for her speech and needed to switch if she wanted to not get body slammed by Coach Goff. As the kids say I “clutched” and agreed to the switch. My preparation time was cut down but I was still able to prepare a great speech. I am definitely excited to see the feedback because due to my topic I need to grow on my public speaking skills. Growth is so vital for humans. We must get better each and every day in order to achieve our goals. So yes this speech went great, however going forward growth is key in order to achieve my goals.



Back from Break

Thanksgiving break was a great reset to get ready for the last three weeks of the semester. Finish strong is something that I try for in my daily beliefs. This same philosophy applies to ISM. With a final interview coming up this wednesday I am extremely ready to get everything checked off. I know I have not been on my A game 100 percent of the time, but thats life right. Get knocked down, you gotta get back up. The break is over and it was a great mental reset but now it is time to turn to the future. I have original work due soon, along with the daunting mentor selection. But, if you do not know me I rarely get nervous. Confidence is key no matter what, and in order to get through these final weeks of the semester this mentality is a necessity. Confidence in my work, my faith, and my ability to finish out this semester strong is going to be crucial. Another thing to look forward too is this weeks speech reviews. I am critical on myself and I am eager to see how I did on this speech. Growth is important, and I cannot wait to  see my peers feedback on how I can continue to improve in this course. Overall going forward I must finish strong and fight the fight.




Last week I completed my final interview with Weldon Swann the area director for FCA. This meeting was slightly delayed due to the overcommercialization of starbucks. I sent the location of a Starbucks on legacy, not realizing that there were multiple options. We went to different Starbucks locations and it took us some time to realize we were 5 miles apart. Starbucks is taking over the world just wait. But, more importantly the actual interview went great. Once we were able to talk he really just explained everything I wanted to know. Weldon and I discussed FCA, how to be a man of God, and his job in particular for around a hour. He is a great guy who you can tell lives and breathes Christianity. I truly appreciated our discussion because it was very conversational. I felt comfortable talking to a guy I have never met before, which was truly great. He gave me advice on FCA at frisco, and he really appreciated what the ministry at frisco was doing. He has seen the posts of the 100’s of kids taking time out of their schoolday to come to FCA and learn about God. Overall, the interview was amazing and I was very thankful for everything Weldon taught me, whether it was life lessons, or biblical stories, etc. The large amount of Starbucks stores was definitely not the most important thing I learned during that interview. Thanks Weldon!



Livin on a Prayer

The original work has been completed. Feels great to not be bulldozed by Coach Goff. Honestly a huge weight off my shoulders. As the first semester comes to a close I want to reflect on how it has gone. Yes some assignments have been late and I was not exactly always on my A game, but I would consider this first semester a success. I am mentally strong and managed to get many impactful things out of my experience so far. Conducting interviews, writing assessments, making websites, wearing suites, talking to peers, the first semester of ISM has really showed me alot. I so far believe I am more professional and personable than who I was before. That was one of the things I wanted to work on and I believe I have achieved both parts of that. Additionally this past week I got my mentor. His name is Michael Agnew and he is a youth director at St Andrew. It feels good to go into break having things checked off. A sense of relief to get ready for another semester of hard work and dedication. Ohhh oh were half way there ohhh oh livin on a prayer”- a household favorite Bon Jovi.



Research& Interviews

Research assessment #1:
Research assessment #5
Research assessment #6
Research Assessment #7
Research assessment #8
Interview assessment #1
Interview assessment #2



Lighthouse by the Ocean

Introducing my mentor ... Michael Agnew! Michael works at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano. Michael Attended Baylor University for undergrad and then attended seminary right after. Michael leads the youth program at St. Andrew. I am extremely excited to work with Michael this semester and learn more about what he does!





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